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This website is intended to promote understanding between world religions and to the upbuilding of the human experiment.

Backed up by 70 years of experience in community life and religious teaching as a pastor, Delton Krueger decided in 1994 to get on board the Internet as it was coming to be .  Hamline University in St. Paul, MN offered space to alumni for posting a web site. By learning HTML and writing code Delton learned enough to put an elementary calendar on line.

Delton has personal experience with many forms and versions of Christianity; with Jewish practices and beliefs; Islamic ideas and prayer services; Sikh life style; Native American culture and practices; Wicca and neo-pagan practitioners; Hindu thought and observations.

Related experience has been in hospitals, prisons, jails, treatment centers, community government, youth programs in churches and at camps, religious congregations and regional leadership, national religious group leadership. Mall of America and Hennepin County Medical Center are recent scene of work. The need for religious information became clearly apparent in all of these situations.

Delton's experience with computers began in the mid 1970s with punch card technology; then on to a main frame machine; Apple devices; and then PCs. It soon became evident that digital transfer of information was the tide of the future. Connect this digital reality with the thought of Teilhard de Chardin regarding the evolution of the human race in a universe of meaning, and the Interfaith Calendar took shape.

Delton Krueger is the primary researcher and writer for the Interfaith Calendar.  A Christian, he is an ordained Elder of the United Methodist Church in the USA. He has been and is involved in Interfaith ventures with people of most world religions.  


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January 7,2015