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 Link Guidelines  for Interfaith Calendar.
Interfaith Calendar links connect business, education, religion, commerce, travel, personal needs, study, entertainment, and learning with accurate information on sacred observances of the religions of the world.  Choose a preferred category listed below and get back to us at

No matter what kind of global emergency happens, be it violent storms, volcanic eruption, pandemic, nuclear accident, world war, regional war, plague, etc - the sacred days of world religions do persist as they have for hundreds and thousands of years. This is your chance to be connected with a resource that has lasting presence since 1995.
It costs money to keep this site on line. Consider a donation if you want to be on the team of keeping this website in business. Interfaith Calendar is a good long range investment in peace and prosperity for the global community. 

When you have decided to place a link, please send Title, URL, and a Sentence Description of the site to be linked.  Include who will be sending the payment to Paypal. Use Paypal Donate icon to make payment or to make a special donation.
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This is the original and basic links page. Links on this page now cost $50.00 with no time limit. New links appear at the top of each sub section. This Resource links page has a large number of links. It is widely accessed.
This page is reserved for enterprises or individuals ready to pay for special attention. The going rate is $100.00 with no time limit.
This page is limited to 100 links at a $50.00 fee with no time limit.
This is for those who want to be subsized at our expense for including a link.  Describe why the site deserves to be included on this site at no cost to you.
E     NEW - A Static Link advertisement is being developed for use as a footer on the front page of  The fee schedule on November 9, 2011 is $100.00 a month. Other bids accepted.
  Note:  Every link is personally reviewed before approval is granted for listing.
  Links will not be accepted from companies or persons whose site is inappropriate for this site in the opinion of the editor. Tobacco products, gambling/gaming, prostitution, blatant pornography, questionable financial service offerings, negative images of world religions and obvious errors in fact are among factors determining the sites that will not be linked. Whenever there is a question simply send an email.

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 Update 11-9-11